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OpenTEAM Community

What is OpenTEAM?

What are OpenTEAM’s Shared Principles?

Who makes up the OpenTEAM community?

What is provided for Hub and Network Members that have joined the OpenTEAM community?

How can I become a Hub or Network Member?

How does OpenTEAM get work done as a community?

What organizations are already a part of the OpenTEAM community? 

Soil Health Measurement Tools

What tools are a part of the OpenTEAM suite of technology?

What methodology does OpenTEAM employ for soil health measurements? 

What is FarmOS?

What is Our-Sci?

What is LandPKS?

What is Quick Carbon?

What is COMET-Farm?

What is Cool Farm Tool?

What is OpTIS?

Open Source Terminology

What does Open source mean?

Is there a glossary of OpenTEAM terms?

Agricultural Management Practices

What is regenerative agriculture?

What is soil health?

How is adaptive management in agriculture integrated into the OpenTEAM platform?

What is the agroecosystem model?

Ecosystem Service Marketplace

What is an ecosystem service marketplace?


The glossary contains definitions of terms that are commonly used throughout OpenTEAM documentation. In addition to this searchable index, glossary terms can be seen throughout the OpenTEAM website in the form of hover-over tooltips, and the full list can be viewed here.

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