Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management

Facilitated by Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

Equipping Food Systems Leaders with an Equitable, Accessible, and Interoperable Toolkit for Universal Access to Agricultural Knowledge and Better Soil Health.

OpenTEAM, or the Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management, is equipping food systems leaders with shared knowledge, collaborative frameworks for problem-solving, and open-source, connected technologies to build climate change resilience and thriving communities.

Through this work, we are collectively building an open source, interoperable tech ecosystem that enables farmer-control of data, knowledge sharing, and access to programs and marketplace incentives.

2024 In-Depth Learning Series

OpenTEAM facilitates powerful dialogue across its community. This series provides more in-depth information about organizations and companies within and outside of OpenTEAM that are working on similar topics around technology and regenerative agriculture.

Different from past year’s In-Depths, we are using an events management system to ensure that you all have the most up to date information regarding the series. Subscribe to the In-Depths Calendar to stay up to date on scheduled events.

Wolfe's Neck Center Launches Action for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Through USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program, Wolfe’s Neck Center will collaboratively lead an investment of $35 million to implement climate-smart agricultural practices. 

This project will develop systems, tools, and expertise to create a sustainable marketplace for climate-smart commodities long term.


Interested in getting involved with the OpenTEAM community? See the many different ways you can participate and collaborate with OpenTEAM below and on our How to Get Involved page.


Through the In-Depth Learning Series, we are building the knowledge base of the OpenTEAM community in a way that fosters coherence and collaboration.


These working groups are centered around technology, equity, field methods, human centered design, and our network of farms and ranches.


Collabathons are sustained collaboration efforts with short sprints in service of long range shared goals.


OpenTEAM is a collaborative community of farmers, scientists and researchers, engineers, farm service providers, and food companies that are committed to improving soil health and advancing agriculture’s ability to become a solution to climate change. OpenTEAM is headquartered at Wolfe’s Neck Center in Maine. Learn more about our partners here.

OpenTEAM is facilitated by Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

OpenTEAM is facilitated by Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment. Wolfe’s Neck Center is a fast-growing, national nonprofit organization based on a campus of over 600 acres of coastal farmland in Freeport, Maine. Our work is dedicated to creating a world where agriculture and food systems support farmer viability, thriving ecosystems, and vibrant communities. Through regenerative farming, innovative research, and collaborations, Wolfe’s Neck Center works to advance agriculture – on our own farm and nationally – to accelerate holistic change in food systems, and mitigate the effects of a changing climate.

Through OpenTEAM, we are equipping key stakeholders with shared knowledge, collaborative frameworks, and open-source, connected technologies and data infrastructures to build climate resilience and thriving communities.

OpenTEAM is facilitated by Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

As a place-based institution situated on 626 acres of preserved coastal landscape in Freeport, Maine, Wolfe’s Neck Center (WNC) uses its diverse landscape of annual and perennial crop production, grazing, forest, fresh and saltwater, and rural-urban boundaries to connect people of all ages to the food they eat and where it comes from. Through historical regenerative farming practices, innovative soil health research, and visitor interactions, the land is used as an educational resource for the center’s visitors and nearby farmers.

WNC draws upon this rich history of innovation and experimentation to continue its legacy today through collaborative research initiatives like OpenTEAM and the Maine Soil Health Network, demonstrating how local agriculture connects to global environmental systems. Through OpenTEAM, WNC bridges tech tools to scientific research locally, effectively translating this knowledge to farmer understanding regionally and building a pragmatic movement toward regenerative agriculture globally. As WNC creates local networks for better soil health, OpenTEAM is convening global communities to create an interconnected technology ecosystem where resources are shared and leveraged at scale.



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