In-Depth Learning Series

OpenTEAM facilitates powerful dialogue across its community.

Through the In-Depth Learning Series, OpenTEAM is building the knowledge base of the community in a way that fosters coherence and collaboration. Each In-Depth helps to collaboratively evaluate new concepts and technologies in an effort to ask better questions and to build better tools through sharing each organization’s work. In this pre-competitive space, OpenTEAM brings together public and private partners to achieve better outcomes, address common barriers, and accelerate innovation by sharing across boundaries.

The series will provide more in-depth information about organizations and companies within and outside of OpenTEAM that are working on topics around technology and regenerative agriculture. Through this, OpenTEAM illustrates and documents the dynamic nature of the community in support of community-strengthening and expansion in order to inspire and share concepts and technologies that enable the emergence of new collaborations and technology approaches.

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