How to Get Involved

Join a Growing Community of Skilled Problem Solvers Who Are Co-Creating an Interoperable Suite of Tools to Advance Agriculture’s Ability to Become a Solution to Climate Change.

Interested in getting involved with the OpenTEAM community? See the many different ways you can participate and collaborate with OpenTEAM below.

Watch the In-Depth Learning Series

OpenTEAM serves as a platform for dialogue. Through the In-Depth Learning Series, OpenTEAM is building the knowledge base of the community in a way that fosters coherence and collaboration. Each In-Depth helps to collaboratively evaluate new concepts and technologies in an effort to ask better questions and to build better tools through sharing each organization’s work. In this pre-competitive space, OpenTEAM brings together public and private partners to achieve better outcomes, address common barriers, and accelerate innovation by sharing across boundaries.

Sign up for an Orientation to OpenTEAM and Join a Working Group

Are you interested in learning more about OpenTEAM and how to participate in different work streams through working groups? Join us in an upcoming orientation, where you can have an opportunity to get a high level overview of work across the community and, from there, decide what areas you’d like to dive a little deeper in.

Join Our Mailing List

Sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can hear directly from the community and stay up to date on all the progress OpenTEAM is making.

Participate in Collabathons

Interested in tackling bigger work streams where you think your expertise could be useful? Sign up to participate in our Collabathons. Collabathons are a sustained collaboration effort with short sprints in service of long range shared goals that answer pressing questions. Each Collabathon session has a defined goal, outcome, and proposed output shaped by a community of co-hosts. They may take anywhere from three to eight weeks to complete with likely a weekly cadence of hour long meetings to keep the momentum going. As each Collabathon is different, consider signing up for one that applies most to you.