OpenTEAM is structured into four distinct working groups. 

  • The Field Methods Working Group aims to bridge science with the available tools to create a versioned and flexible, tiered approach to field methods protocols that will support the needs of farmers/ranchers, researchers and markets. 
  • The Hub and Network Working Group brings together representatives of participating Hubs and Network farms and ranches with the researchers, developers and companies involved in OpenTEAM in order to facilitate communication across these communities of practice and ensure that Hub and Network members have access to the information and technical resources they need regarding their participation in OpenTEAM. 
  • The Human Centered Design Working Group focuses on creating internal and external social feedback and design processes for the OpenTEAM community.
  • The Technology Working Group identifies opportunities for co-development, prioritizes them into work packages, and builds the necessary elements to support the interoperability of various technological tools within the OpenTEAM community.

We also work together through our Collabathons and as partners on various grants.

Last Update: April 25, 2023  

June 21, 2020 655 OpenTEAM  OpenTEAM Community