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Creating an Ag Tech Ecosystem Through Trust, Technology Stewardship, and Local Adaptability

January 13th, 2022

In order to create a sustainable ecosystem of technology, OpenTEAM is building trust with collaborators and technologies, improving interoperability among systems, and adapting tools for soil health practices locally. OpenTEAM has collectively designed the functional core and framework for transparency in our food system and laid the groundwork to accelerate future development that is responsive to the needs of end users. This framework is not theoretical – it is built and actively used by a diverse global network of farms, farmer networks and other organizations. 

Contact Information & Resources

Steve Francis – Tech Matterssfrancis@techmatters.org

Jane Kuhn – Stonyfield Organic, jane.kuhn@us.lactalis.com

Jessica Chiartas – UC Davis / Soil Life Services, jlchiartas@ucdavis.edu

Rikin Gandhi – Digital Green, rikin@digitalgreen.org

Continual Improvement & Measurement in Soil Health

January 20th, 2022

OpenTEAM is bridging science and technology to fill the gap between soil health testing protocols and the tech ecosystem we are building. For scientists to make data comparable from across the ecosystem, scientific protocols and methodologies must be standardized, efficient, and robust for a range of farm management practices. Through the design of shared technologies and methodologies, OpenTEAM is creating flexible and adaptable protocols for various research goals, management systems, climates, and regions. By developing more consistent field methods when soil testing and using various OpenTEAM tools, farmers and researchers can integrate and compare more data with each other. Watch this webinar to get an overview of this process, why creating consistent methodologies is necessary, and how it creates a technology ecosystem that is sustainable.

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Data Interoperability & Architecture in Agriculture

January 27th, 2022

The work that the OpenTEAM community is putting in today will go towards the creation and maintenance of an open, accessible agricultural technology ecosystem that would house a cloud-based computing infrastructure and shared software services to accelerate the rate of soil health discoveries and impact on the ground. By developing trust and creating interoperability, OpenTEAM can foster collaboration and use of this data in research and markets while enabling data sovereignty, security, and protection for farmers and ranchers. Sign up for this webinar to learn more about this technical architecture, development of interoperability and trust, and the importance of data sovereignty within the agricultural technology ecosystem we are building.

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Applying Equity in Practice in Regenerative Agriculture

February 3rd, 2022

In 2021, OpenTEAM introduced an equity lens to the work that we do so that we can design a technology ecosystem that is more accessible, equitable, and universal for the diverse group of farmers and food companies that are a part of it. Creating a toolkit that is open source, interoperable, and free to use will open pathways for increased involvement from a wider scope of the agricultural community. Through a working group and a recent Collabathon series, OpenTEAM and its members are developing the knowledge necessary to implement these equity principles into practice in regenerative agriculture and the ecosystem we are building. Sign up for this webinar to learn about the equity principles and how they are being weaved into the agricultural technology ecosystem and toolkit that we are building.

Contact Information & Resources

Andrew Lentz – Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC), alentz@ecosystemservicesmarket.org

Nejma Belarbi – Terra Ethics, terraethics@gmail.com

Laura Demmel Gilmer – OpenTEAM, laura@openteam.community

Patti Schaar – BlüShift Strategy, patti.schaar@blushiftstrategy.com

Cultivating Community & Breaking Down Silos

February 10th, 2022

One of the core functions of OpenTEAM is to convene farmers, ranchers, scientists, researchers, engineers, farm service providers, and food companies from across the global agricultural landscape to develop an interoperable technology ecosystem that serves each of their needs. Through pre-competitive partnerships across traditional boundaries, OpenTEAM is co-developing new approaches to collaboration and governance structures, both socially and digitally. In 2022, we will be creating new facilitation structures for community engagement with farmers and ranchers in support of an equitable agricultural technology ecosystem. Sign up for this webinar to learn how OpenTEAM functions as a convener and what structures are being created or are already in place to build broader collaboration efforts across the ecosystem. 

Contact Information & Resources

Leah Puro, Wolfe’s Neck Center/OpenTEAM, leah@openteam.community 

Sara Letton, California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD), sara-letton@carcd.org

Aaron Brodeur, Terran Collective / Hylo, aaron@terran.io

Rebecca Harman, Regen Network, rebecca@regen.network 

Revathi Kollegala, Regen Foundation, revathi@regen.foundation

Greg Austic, Our Sci, greg@our-sci.net


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