The Community

OpenTEAM is composed of a diverse community of collaborators. The farmers, ranchers, scientists, researchers, engineers, farm service providers, programmers and food companies that form this community contribute technical expertise, industry knowledge, and innovative ideas that make what OpenTEAM is accomplishing possible.

Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

A sustainable coastal farm for nearly sixty years, Wolfe’s Neck Center is home to an oceanfront campground, leading demonstration farm, and educational resource center for innovative practices in regenerative agriculture.

Stonyfield Organic

As the country’s leading organic yogurt maker, Stonyfield believes that taking care of organic farmers, cows, and their life’s work will produce healthy food, healthy businesses, and a healthy planet. Through OpenTEAM, Stonyfield is working to help farmers everywhere improve their soil health and carbon sequestration, combating climate change in the process.

Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR)

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) is addressing complex agricultural issues in six critical areas: soil health, sustainable water management, next generation crops, advanced animal systems, urban food systems, and the health-agriculture nexus. Through research, FFAR is turning agriculture into a climate change solution versus a climate change problem.

USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS)

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's chief scientific in-house research agency. Their job is finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day from field to table.

Michigan State University

The Global Change Learning Lab in Sub-Saharan Africa is an integrative website that facilitates agroecology research and information sharing by MSU Global Change Science researchers and partners collaborating on action research in Sub-Saharan Africa.


COMET-Farm is a whole farm and ranch carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system.


Regrow unlocks the power of resilient agriculture to combat climate change and grow profitability.

Regen Network

Regen Network realigns the agricultural economy with ecological health by creating the global marketplace for planetary stewardship. Using a distributed ledger and modern remote sensing technology, our team is creating new tools for how humanity relates to its environment.

General Mills

We will advance regenerative agriculture on 1 million acres of farmland by 2030. At General Mills, our business is rooted in the earth because we rely upon the output of Mother Nature and farming communities – oats, wheat, dairy, corn, sugar beets and a whole host of crops and livestock – to make food the world loves.

Open Agriculture Technology and Systems (OATS)

To harness the data revolution in agriculture we must address the key attributes of data flow to empower agriculture which are trust, automatable data exchange, and interoperability. OATS faculty believe these attributes require levels of code-based standardization only achieved through the open source development paradigm.

UBC Farm

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm (CSFS) is a teaching and research centre and local-to-global food hub working towards a more sustainable, food-secure future. Our living laboratory is committed to finding solutions to local and global challenges facing food systems sustainability.

Sustainability Innovation Lab at Colorado

SILC develops the knowledge, capacity, partnerships, technology, and diverse workforce to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world and educates the next generation of researchers, communicators, and innovators who will lead this change.

Cool Farm Alliance

Cool Farm Tool, supported by Cool Farm Alliance, is a tool used by farmers around the world to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, how well their farm supports biodiversity, and the quantity of water used to produce crops and support farm operations.

Northeast Cover Crops Council (NECCC) at Purdue University

In 2016, farmers and representatives from agribusiness, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities gathered to form the Northeast Cover Crops Council (NECCC). They are promoting cover crop adoption by defining knowledge gaps, fostering research and collaboration with farmers, reporting best management practices, and developing web-based cover crop decision support tools.


LandPKS, meaning Land Potential Knowledge System, is a series of tools, being developed and led by the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range, that allow users to learn about the land and produce site-specific data at any specific location in the world.

Our Sci

They strive to support the development of research capacity in communities through software, hardware, and training. Specifically, they want to help turn citizens into researchers, researchers into community leaders, and communities into solvers.


By creating a massive marketplace for carbon removal, starting with regenerative agriculture projects that store carbon in the soil, we can repair our climate and fund a better future.

Foodshot Global

Foodshot Global is an innovative organization empowering bold ideas and companies to accelerate the transformation to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system.


farmOS is a web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping. It is developed by a community of farmers, developers, researchers, and organizations with the aim of providing a standard platform for agricultural data collection and management.

Heartland Science & Technology Group

Devoted to technical excellence & responsiveness to client needs, Heartland Science & Technology Group was founded by experienced engineers, researchers, and business professionals. They pride themselves on being a creative, self-starting, entrepreneurial team - results driven & always striving to positively affect the world.

Organic Valley

An organic dairy products producer and farmer-owned cooperative.

Quivira Coalition

The Quivira Coalition builds soil, biodiversity, and resilience on western working landscapes. They foster ecological, economic, and social health through education, innovation, and collaboration.


A grazing management tool that enables better grazing management decisions so ranchers get the most from their land.

Terra Ethics

Terra Ethics was created to support the vital need of our social, environmental and economic processes and perspectives to be in balance with the needs of people and planet.

Mad Agriculture

Mad Agriculture works from head to heart, poetry to science, financing to markets, and soil to shelf to catalyze a regenerative revolution in agriculture that is beautiful, just and inevitable. We work in the radical center, helping farmers thrive economically and ecologically.


LiteFarm is a free and open source farm management tool made for current and aspiring sustainable farmers.

Field to Market

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture tackles the most urgent challenges facing our industry by forging pre-competitive collaboration and translating science into action. We bring together nearly 150 member organizations across the food and agriculture value chain to create a future in which farmers, business and nature thrive.

Tech Matters

They help social change leaders understand what tech can and can’t do, and build the tech solutions behind solving a social problem.

Terra Genesis International

As a design and development firm specializing in growing regenerative systems, they know that success depends upon an integrative approach and the development of healthy, equitable and lasting partnerships. They work from the ground up to evolve stakeholder capacity and capability, identify solutions, create processes, and curate interventions for systemic regeneration.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

The mission of Rhode Island School of Design, through its college and museum, is to educate its students and the public in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design, to discover and transmit knowledge and to make lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship and innovation.

Open Rivers

Open Rivers was founded under the belief that collectively, we can do better - for the environment, for all species that cohabit this planet, for our communities. Enabling holistic decision making with the right inputs, means better solutions for many.

Digital Green

Together with grassroots partners, they create digital solutions for rural communities around the world. How do they know what’s appropriate? Simple. They listen closely – to people, and to data. Then they build technology that’s of the community and for the community.

The Lexicon

The Lexicon is a US-based NGO that uses evidence-based storytelling, strategy, and mobilization to build movements tackling our food systems' greatest challenges.


They are technologists, community organizers, entrepreneurs, activists, and artists working for the greatest good of all beings. They amplify cooperation among people working to regenerate their communities and their planet. They do this by building systems and tools that foster trust and collaboration, starting in the Bay Area bioregion.


Generate more profit per acre. By focusing on permanent crops in regenerative agriculture, a practice known as agroforestry, farmers earn great returns while building the next generation of regenerative farms.

White Buffalo Land Trust

White Buffalo Land Trust practices, promotes, and develops systems of regenerative agriculture for local, regional, and global impact. They are committed to the evolution of land stewardship and the redesign of our food system to directly address the climate, biodiversity, public health, and food security challenges that we face today.


Supports and creates digital story-telling. Through their StorySource™ app and Blockchain-based story-streaming INTO™ helps brands integrate all of their stakeholders, from producers at the source to influencers and customers themselves into rich, engaged and legitimate conversations.


CIBO is a transformative platform for regenerative agriculture. Built on advanced ecosystem simulation, AI, and computer vision technologies, CIBO provides the following capabilities, at scale and with minimal farmer inputs.

We Are For The Land Foundation

They are a future holistic demonstration ranch and farm in Paradise Valley in Montana. They are a Savory Influencer Hub Candidate for the Montana region. They will regenerate this land and share how to do it for ranchers, landowners, individuals, and visitors to our place.

Carbon A List

Carbon A List champions climate projects by helping them access knowledge, tools and financing to scale. THey have a bias for action, ensuring environmental integrity, and focusing on end goals.