The OpenTEAM community uses the following tools for communicating:


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OpenTEAM Forum

Gathering for Open Agriculture Technology (GOAT) is the essential forum for the many members of OpenTEAM to discuss software, hardware, calibration and validation, methods + ontologies, models, tools for analyzing data, and any other work that goes into technology development.


The OpenTEAM technology, HCD, and field methods working groups utilize GitLab for group project management and version control throughout the development lifecycle of various OpenTEAM projects. Through the use of GitLab boards, OpenTEAM working groups create new “issues” that represent agenda items or shared tech challenges to be addressed.

Riot, developed by Matrix, is an app for secure, decentralized communication. OpenTEAM uses riot to discuss the ins and outs of our tech development. Just create an account and start chatting!

Check Out Other Forums

Have a question about FarmOS? Post it to the FarmOS forum or check out previous posts to see if your question has already been answered. Discussions range more broadly from development and user interface to the specifics of creating a grazing plan and mapping out your farm. Simply create a login at to post to the forum.


OpenTEAM uses Slack as an internal communications platform for our working groups, hubs, and network members. Slack allows for both public and private channels of communication within the immediate OpenTEAM community. For hub and network members specifically, Slack is a platform to bounce around ideas, ask questions, and share on-farm updates.