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Hub & Network

The Hub and Network working group brings together various organizations that have an ability to groundtruth the work of the agricultural technology ecosystem that the OpenTEAM community is creating.


The Technology working group brings together product managers, developers, and others highly engaged in the technology through OpenTEAM.

Field Methods

The Field Methods working group bridges the science with available tech tools to create a versioned and tiered approach that will support the needs of farmers/ranchers, researchers, and markets.

Human Centered Design

The Human Centered Design working group seeks to approach the development of the OpenTEAM technology ecosystem from the perspective of users, making sure products are usable and useful from the perspective of the user/human.

Equity in Practice & Technology

This working group was created with the goal of amplifying the work of our members and supporting collaborative efforts toward racial equity and inclusion through OpenTEAM community members.

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Progress Updates

OpenTEAM Year One Report

A summary report on the first full year of OpenTEAM and a look at what’s next. Presented by Dorn Cox, Project Lead for OpenTEAM.