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OpenTEAM Participation Opportunities

OpenTEAM is a collaborative community of farmers, scientists and researchers, engineers, farm service providers, and food companies that are committed to improving soil health and advancing agriculture’s ability to become a solution to climate change.

Hubs and network members are an integral part of the launch of OpenTEAM.  They will be assisting OpenTEAM with field testing the user interface for the platform, and testing the tools and software in the OpenTEAM technology ecosystem.  

  • Hubs will be the primary locations for field testing OpenTEAM, and once the platform is ready for wider release they will serve as ambassadors to help build the on-farm user network.  
  • Network members will also play a role in testing the technology and platform as it is developed, but will have fewer reporting requirements  and will play a less formal role in platform development.  

Hubs and network members in OpenTEAM will have:

  • Access to free software and technical support that will facilitate tracking soil health, production, and environmental outcomes on your farm – and the opportunity to help improve these tools so they work better for you
  • Engagement with a network of researchers and farmers that are actively learning about what practices work, and where, and how best to monitor their outcomes
  • Access to tools to create a baseline on farm soil health and greenhouse gas emissions that may support future participation in carbon or ecosystem services markets

Hubs and network members will be selected on a rolling basis through an application process accessible via the OpenTEAM website.


Hubs will serve as the primary testing ground for the OpenTEAM platform, and their experience and feedback will inform OpenTEAM’s user interface design and calibration of the tools that are part of the OpenTEAM platform. Hubs will be selected to ensure that we have a diversity of farm production systems, scales, geographies and supply chains assisting with the testing of OpenTEAM.

Hubs may be an individual farm or ranch, an organization that routinely works with a group of farms or ranches, or a company working with a set of operations in its supply chain.  Organizations may be non- or for-profit but should have established relationships with one or more farms where they conduct research and/or provide technical assistance.

Individual hubs and non-profit organizations affiliated with one operation

There is no additional cost for farms participating as a Hub in Open TEAM if they are participating as an individual operation

Non-profit, farming or research organizations

Non-profit, farming, or research organizations that wish to serve as a Hub in OpenTEAM must dedicate at least 25% of one FTE as the project’s Ag Tech liaison.


Companies that wish to have a farm in their supply chain participate as a Hub must dedicate at least 25% of one FTE as an Ag Tech Liaison on an annual basis, and a  minimum annual contribution.

Network Members

Network members are a way for farms to begin using and participating in OpenTEAM without engaging at the same level of activity as a hub. Network members will assist with trialing the platform, associated tools, and social network at the same time as hubs, and will provide feedback on the user experience to OpenTEAM staff. Network members can attend virtual and in-person trainings, but will not have routine technical support from OpenTEAM staff. 

Network member selection criteria: Any farm or ranch can apply to participate as a network members, but farms are encouraged to join as a group of 3 or more farms to facilitate shared learning and network building through the platform.  Ideally network members should have previous experience with soil health testing and implementation of soil health practices. Farms must be willing to complete an OpenTEAM farm profile, beta test tools, and provide feedback to OpenTEAM’s Human Centered Design working group.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Hub or Network Member? Please fill out this short form and we’ll send you a more detailed description of these opportunities.