Collabathon 2021

A sustained collaboration effort with short sprints in service of long range shared goals

Each Collabathon session will have a defined goal, outcome, and proposed output shaped by a community co-hosts. They may take anywhere from three to eight weeks to complete with likely a weekly cadence of hour long meetings to keep the momentum going.

Actionable Outputs

Fundable Work Stream
Case Studies
User Stories
Technical Docs

Session Schedule

Session Details

Environmental Claims Clearinghouse

For ecosystem markets to work, how might we develop a clearinghouse of environmental claims that supports the integrity of multiple markets, while enabling farmers to stack ecosystem credit benefits when available and without double counting?

Ag Data Wallet

How might we maximize the value of data for every farmer and rancher through supporting more understandable data use agreements that enable greater individual control of data through trusted intermediaries?

Collaborative Platform

What if our community and all those who want to support more regenerative agriculture had a community platform built for them to collaborate, learn, and grow together?

Equity in Regenerative Agriculture

Public & Participatory Science

Data Collection & Portability

In-field Soils Technology (Direct, Proximal & Remote)

Data-Driven Storytelling



Digital Certification (Organic +)

Global Scaling of OpenTEAM

Carbon Series (Field Methods WG)